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Bingo and Fundraising

  • Bingo Tickets

    Bingo is played in many countries across the world by people of all ages. Syndicate is a foremost supplier of Bingo Tickets to many of these markets including Australia, Europe, UK and USA.

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  • Cloakroom & Raffle Tickets

    Syndicate, a world leader in producing Cloakroom & Raffle tickets offers various types of cloakroom tickets. These tickets are widely used in Cloakrooms, Bingo halls for tombola draws, and for any number or colour coded systems.

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  • Dabbers & Markers

    Bingo dabbers are markers used to cross off numbers on a bingo card as you hear them called. They are also referred to as "daubers". The pen is quickly pressed or 'dabbed' against the card to make a large round smudge.

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