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Parking and Transit Tickets

  • POF "Pay-on-Foot"

    The way you pay for your parking at Malls and Car Parking Lots has changed with the introduction of new, easier and more convenient parking schemes. The old pay and display machines have been replaced with a new pay on foot system with entry and exit barriers.

    To meet these changing requirements, Syndicate has introduced high quality Pay-On-Foot (POF) tickets. These tickets are issued on arrival at parking lots, and visitors have to get their ticket validated at the exit before leaving.

    Special Features
    • Magnetic stripe
    • Bar code
    • Glued or heat transfer magnetics
    • Speciality thermal coatings
    • OEM approved materials
    • Stock products available for immediate dispatch
    • Bespoke customized print, 1-6 colours
    • Numbering options and solutions available
    • Fanfold or Roll (dependent on issuing systems)


    To know more about Parking & Transit products, visit: www.syndicatesecureprint.com