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Tickets and Tags

  • Redemption Tickets

    Syndicate Group is the largest manufacturer of Redemption Tickets in the world. We have been supplying these tickets for over 30 years and sell billions of tickets annually worldwide.
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  • Queue Tickets

    Syndicate now offers queue rolls for a range of issuing systems. The business has further expanded on its offering of ticket stocks for parking and transit sectors with the introduction of queue ticket rolls.
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  • Carcass Tags

    Syndicate offers abattoir tags for post slaughter traceability of animals.

    We offer a wide selection of tags with a variety of options, including blank, preprinted, reinforced, water-resistant, and multiple colors and sizes. From the kill floor to tumbling, we have all the tagging supplies you'll need.

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  • Horticulture Tags

    Syndicate Group designs and produces Horticulture tags - the finest range of permanent garden labels to help you identify your plants and flowers.

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